Summer Tennis is Here

In the United States, nothing says outdoor tennis like summertime.  Take full advantage of getting in shape, getting on court, and enjoying the pros play tennis.

Play Junior Tournaments

18-and under competition, especially in higher level events, helps you become a stronger player and prepare for the upcoming fall season in college or high school.  Follow this link for the TennisLink page.

Get Stronger

Warm weather and longer daylight hours offer opportunities to train outside during the summer. Run wind sprints, practice drills, take tennis lessons and classes so you're match ready. 

Play League Tennis

The outdoor season for Men's and Women's league tennis starts in the spring and continues until the end of summer.  Follow this link to the USTA page for league tennis for more details.

Get Ready for the US Open

The US Open is the greatest pro tennis tournament to attend for the size and spectacle of a tennis event. Be sure to get your tickets early, book rooms and transportation to New York to be ready to enjoy yourself to the max during the 2 weeks starting Monday, August 26.


Conditioning prepares you to play your best. Without it, you're unable to give your best during a point and recover fully before the next one. High performance players of all ages focus on flexibility, strength, endurance, and speed in their training to play better on court.


Competition is one of the best ways of testing your technical skills and mental strength. Compete to see how good you can be, and your win-loss record will take care of itself. Embrace competition instead of dreading it, and you'll learn a vital lesson that will help you as much off the court as on the court.


Tennis is a worldwide community that offers a rich variety of opportunities for travel, adventure, connection, and career advancement for everyone who wants it. For every player you see on TV, there are at least 100 people behind the scenes, from coaches to commentators.